Igor Von Grimm

Holy Warrior of the Death Goddess, Slain


More martial than monastic Igor is at heart a man of action. Barred from soldiering by a now dead father he was sent to learn his words and reading i the church and then discovered the more militant arm of the church.

Igor was killed by a werewolf Erythnul cultist on the road to Denhagen.



Born as the third son to the Von Grimm family in the City he was always destined for the priesthood. Standing up to hi father constantly got him barred from the militant churches of St Cuthbert or Kord and relegate to what he had initially thought as the creepy and dull Church of the Ruby Goddess.
Entering the novitiate he had served for 3 months when the fire raged through his family home killing his parents and and two older brothers, then the extent of the families debts were exposed and he was left penniless.

Calmus Vel took him in an kept him in the church and Igor responded by studying hard learning the tenents of the faith and soon about the catacombs beneath the city and their role in protecting the city from the threat of the undead. A threat that he realised he could learn to fight! Training in the more martial disciplines instead of the cloistered ones dissapointed Vel but he allowed the young Igor to take his martial training, after all if the boy realised his dream in joining the ranks of the Ruby Knights then he’d be a powerful ally.

From a youth in the noble district to a teen and twenties in the cathedral of Wee Jas Igor rarely left the confines of the volcano wall and never been more than a few miles from the City. But chafing for adventure he did carouse and travel to various inns and taverns around the city drinking with a selection of initiates from other temples and city guards…

Igor was killed during the Sacred Hunt in the Dïrkwald.

His body lies in the Humters’ Lodge consecrated in his name.

Igor Von Grimm

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