Roltus, First Minister of Safety

Head of the Black - Thenes Secret Police



Roltus is a creature not-entirely human. He boasts a diabolical lineage that grants him some supernatural abilities to root out threats to the Emperor.


Roltus rose up from the streets of Xix, the debauched Western Port City of Thenes.

From his earliest days he used his cunning to gather secrets and information, and his fiendish instincts to know when to use them.

Through pure determination and the judicious application of Hellfire he rose up through the world of dirty dealings and dark deeds to become one of Thenacus XII’s most powerful minions.

He heads the “Ministry of Safety,” the Thenes Empire’s Secret Police, and is ruthless in his pursuit of enemies, real or imagined.

The leader of the so-called Black also plots to overthrow the Emperor (as any good Secret Policeman should), and attain the Orbs of Dragonkind himself.

Roltus, First Minister of Safety

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