Thenacus XII

The Mad Ruler who seeks godhood.


Thenacus XII was born a simple soldier in the vestigal “Empire” of Thenes 71 years prior.

Over hundreds of years, the once-mighty empire was reduced to a handful of vassal city-states and farms.

One day, the soldier who would become Thenacus lay dying on a battlefield, when Tiamat, Queen of Dragons appeared to him in a vision.

She showed him ten orbs, and bade him gather them. Then amongst the bones of her children, She would raise him to Her side.

Through shrewd politics, brutal warfare and brutally shrewd political warfare, Thenacus rose up in the army, overthrew the ineffectual senate of Thenes, and declared himself Emperor, taking the name of the First Emperor (and electing to recognize the ten other imposters and would-be emperors in between them).

Thenacus seeks the ten Orbs of Dragonkind, so that he may ascend to Godhood and rule the world.

May He Live and Rule For Eternity!


Thenacus XII

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