A God Am I

Chapter 3 Part 1: Secrets, Lies and Secret Lies

Stand Together or Fall Apart

When we last saw our Heroes…

The intrepid adventurers, having endured a hellish journey through the Dïrkwald, finally arrived in Denhagen.

The first order of business was to seek out the Church of Wee Jas. They informed the clergy of Igor Von Grimm’s death. His soul accounted-for, the next task was to seek out Lord Nubereg’s sister, the Comptess Nubereg.

Arriving at the Nubereg House (the Denhagen residence of the Nubereg Clan), the party was firmly rebuffed. Despite letters of introduction with the Clan seal, the staff of Nubereg House was unwilling to grant entrance to the group.

Damien suggested a more “creative” approach to entering the house (i.e. burglary), but Sir Henry resolutely fought all suggestions. Since it was growing dark and the town register was closed, the paladin suggested seeking an inn for the night.

Finally relenting, Damien and the rest found an inn along the shores to decamp for the night.

A few minutes after arriving, a shady figure found Damien and confronted him about business incomplete.

The man was evasive, but he implied Damien was in the pocket of some influential people in Denhagen, and he was to address their mutual business promptly.

Damien tried to slip away later that night, but Sir Henry (self-righteous beyond scope) and Sha’Riven (happy to just be included) shadowed him.

Before Damien could meet with his “business associates,” Sir Henry was spotted by the same. Sensing an ambush, armed and masked thugs descended on Damien, Sha’Riven and Garrickson.

Combat was quick and messy, with Sha’Riven getting cut up rather badly before the thugs were defeated. Henry confronted Damien, accusing him of being in league with organized criminals. Then he went as far as to accuse Damien of working with the air pirates that invaded Nubereg to begin with.

Hearing enough, Damien parted company with the paladin, but not before using his own healing potion to stabilize Sha’Riven. Frustrated, Henry took the elf to the Temple of Bahamut to tend to her wounds.

Meanwhile, back at the Inn, Fossil and Aki were arrested on unclear ground by the town watch, and were hauled off to places unknown.

Damien struck deeper into the bowels of Denhagen, and found the “associates” that sought him earlier.

The Dasher Guild, (smugglers, fences and associated enterprises) did not like the news of Damien’s stock being destroyed in the attack on Nubereg, and very much did not like the unsanctioned killing of three “Chaps” earlier in the evening.

All would be forgiven if first Damien would find out some information. Seems a stranger came to town about a year ago seeking a tomb of some sort in the region. He paid good coin for information, which led him to the Comptess Nubereg.
Another man recently came to town seeking the same information, by the Comptess has not been seen for months. The official word in that Her Ladyship returned to Nubereg, but Damien himself could attest that isn’t the case.

Damien was to find out what Nubereg was looking for, obtain it, and get it back to the Dashers.

As for the other matter of dead Chaps, the do-gooder and his elf bitch were already targeted for assassination.

Aki and Fossil were bustled quickly into a dark cell, well away from the general population. They were told that they would have to answer for their crimes.

At the church of the Platinum Dragon, Sir Henry stewed over the despicable actions of Damien. He had checked several times all of his new companions, the savage, the elf, the construct, Poor Dead Igor, Damien, none had the taint of evil about them.

As he watched over the convalescing Sha’Riven, he had a mini crisis of faith. Wondering if Bahamut thought him unworthy to sense evil.

Ecclesiastical theory took a backseat however when suddenly the room became supernaturally dark, and armed assailants attacked.

It looked like Sir Henry was about done for, when help arrived.

Damien had had his own crisis of faith after being told of the contract of the insufferable knight’s life. But since he disliked Sir Henry slightly less than the Dasher’s he decided to help out. Beside, Sha’Riven seemed nice enough.

The killer was killed, Sha’Riven was recovered, and all three made an uneasy peace.

After alerting the clergy to the dead assassin therein, the three set off back to the inn.

And then discovered Aki & Fossil were arrested hours earlier.

In the deep prison of Denhagen, Aki and Fossil pondered the best way to break out. Since Aki did not recognize the authority of his jailers, and Fossil did not recognize any crime committed, neither felt the need to wait for jurisprudence.

But their plans were proven unnecessary when a poorly disguised Sir Henry unlocked the cell and bustled them out.

With some convincing that their arrest was unlawful, Sir Henry agreed an extrajudicial jailbreak was not an evil or unlawful act. When guile proved unsuccessful, he simply knocked out the guards, took their uniform and why were they talking about it, they needed to leave RIGHT NOW.

The group finally reunited, they decided discretion was a fool’s game. They broke into Nubereg House, and very firmly told the staff to cut the crap and fess up.

Backs to the wall, the house butler admitted the Comptess disappeared over a year ago, and they were busily making excuses while discreetly trying to find her.

Dangerous people from the Empire of Thenes had been asking for and after her, and the local criminal element were trying to pry as well.

With no other choice, the staff allowed the PCs to search through Her Ladyship’s notes.

A name, Lemish, and a crude map were found in the personal notes of Nubereg. These connected the dots with the dead scout’s notes found in the Hunters’ Lodge.

Several days ride south was an abandoned temple, and the group knew now how to find it.



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