A God Am I


A Brief Introduction


The soldiers stood on the deck of the airship.

“Listen up!” the Commander’s voiced boomed over the wind and thrum of engines, “our goal is just past the lake. We fly low and with the sun so we will not been seen until it is too late!”

The Commander paced the deck as the airship passed over the lake.

“Such an artifact may have untold guardians. You must get it and get out immediately! Let nothing stand in your way! Once we have achieved our goal, we withdraw at once! If you tarry, you WILL be left behind!”

The Commander looked at each assembled soldier in turn, making sure the objective was clear. This was no mission of suppression. No wholesale massacre. In and out.

The town came within sight. The airship dipped forward.

FOR THE EMPEROR!” the Commander shouted.

FOR THENES!” came the reply.

And then they all dove off the airship to the waiting town below…



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