A God Am I


The Free City

Septereve (literally “Seven Domains”) is an independent city-state, located on a western peninsula on the landmass collectively known as the Unclaimed North.

Founded 300 years ago, it began as a modest freehold with a deep-water port and small castle keep. Over the years more and more refugees from wars and warlords throughout the Unclaimed North sough sanctuary within the walls of Septereve.

In time, seven warlords contested for control of the growing city, and a consensus was made, each Lord would have a section of the city as their own domain or “Reve”.

130 years ago, the Dread Lord of the North Roland Morgenstern built up a great army and set about conquering the Unclaimed North. He met his final end at the walls of Septereve, which earned its title of the Free City.

Since then Septereve has continued to be a mecca for those seeking safety and sanctuary from dark forces.



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