A God Am I


Crossroad of the World

Xix is a sovereign city-state that sits at the crossing of the Common Road and the Great Canal of Thenacus, two of the Great Wonders, both were created during the reign of Thenacus the First.

The Common Road was built approximately 1100 years prior. The aim was to connect all cities of the Empire, from Xix to the West, to Akrolos in the East.

The Great Canal was magically torn through the Xix Isthmus, using primal magic and thousands of enslaved elementals. It remains one of the largest artificial construct in the world, rivaled only by the Wall of Ekern in its magnitude.

The City of Xix is split into two regions, Nors Xix and Sud Xix, joined together by yet another Wonder, the Bridge of Xix.

Historically, Xix was the western trade port of the First Empire of Thenes. A great orc horde descended from the Red Steppe and sacked the town, then continued on to Thenesia. This proved instrumental in the defeat of Thenacus the First.

After this the Empire contracted, leaving such cities as Xix to defend themselves. The horde itself fell apart and survivors of the city managed to drive off the occupying humanoids. For the past 1000 years Xix has gone through several dozen revolts and civil wars, but its outer defense were never again breached.

The city now serves as bulwark against the incursions from the Red Steppe and as a gateway between the Unclaimed North, and the civilized nations to the South.

The city-state is currently ruled by a First Citizen, who has control over the military, who in turn is advised by a council of high-ranking merchants of scholars—the so-called First Council.

The present First Citizen is Venothrax, a High Elf Archmage who has ruled for over two centuries.

Although the New Empire of Thenes has grown and is in the process of reclaiming lost territories, Venothrax has thus far rebuffed attempts to annex the city. He knows it is a matter of time before their polite overtures turn into armed invasion, and he focuses most of his efforts to secure Xix’ independence.



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