Damien Thornbrick

An unassuming shopkeeper with a keen blade and a quick hand


Damien is always polite, a little eccentric even though he runs a thrift shop he prefers to not draw too much attention to himself. Despite this, he is not a push over and when push comes to shove he is actually a decent fighter. He is highly knowledgeable about the town and people.

Damien is a bit… lazy. His shop opens and closes whenever he feels like coming in and he prefers the option with the least amount of work involved.


Quiet, reserved, and altogether deadly, Damien is a recent import to Nubereg.

If you ask him, he’ll he’s just a guy who wanted to set up a small shop in a small town.


What he won’t tell you is that he also is the premiere smuggler or controlled substances and contraband in the region. After the attack on Nubereg, however, he suddenly finds himself in deep debt to dangerous people.

The Dasher Guild is one of the more powerful agencies of crime in the continent, and Damien should not be on their bad side…

But then again, they shouldn’t get on his.

Over time, he discovered his skills at larceny transcended mere material gains. He was in fact a spellthief, one inclined to steal the very magic from people and monsters.

Damien Thornbrick

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