Grist O' Walla

A deceased gnomish ranger and rugged mountaineer


Grist likes nothing more than hunting and killing kobolds and their ilk.

However after a patch of bad luck he found himself working as a security guard for a bunch of drug-addled salt miners in the backwater nothing town of Nubereg.

After a recent attack by a bunch of scaly humanoids, he has joined up with the so-called “Knights of Nubereg” to track the attackers down and deal with them fiercely.

He also intends to slide a blade between the ribs of the human Damien Thornbrick for bringing that drugs to his mine to begin with.

However, it was Grist who took the blade in the end. Underestimating Damien in single combat, the ranger died with revenge unfulfilled.


Grist O' Walla

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