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The first batch of Player Characters were created by members of the forums.

Helden s’Rannith by CozJa
Damien by NightraiderX
Fossil & Ivan by the peerless DrK
Aki by DontEvenAsk
Henry Garrickson by Xanyo

Additional PCs and NPCs drawn from my real-life gaming groups. I’ll post them as they are introduced.

The remainder of PCs and NPCs are created by me, for whatever that is worth.

I want to thank the forum community at for the positive feedback as I try to “playthrough” this campaign.

Thanks to Google Image Search for the art I did not steal from Doctor0Professor’s Imgur collections, and thanks to Doctor0Professor for the art that I did steal from him.

Please send me a strongly worded Cease & Desist letter if you need any images removed.

All licensed material is property of Wizards of the Coast.

My goal is to keep interest in the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons alive until WOTC relents and re-releases it.

So far it has been 9 years and counting…

Main Page

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